Our Board of Directors

  • Carolyn Bauer, President & Hub Director
  • Wesley Kenison, Vice President
  • Judith Schlesinger, Secretary
  • Lois Walton, Treasurer
  • Jose Lopez, Member at Large & Executive Director
  • Eric Davila, Member at Large
  • Lisa Luciano, Member at Large

RM BEST BOD Org Chart – Oct 2017

Our Hub Program – Steering Team

Our Hub Program manages the annual Game and Events –  Kickoff, Practice (Mall) Day and Game Day. These activities are planned, managed and implemented by the Steering Team.

RM BEST HUB Steering Team Org chart – Oct 2017

Our Teacher/Mentor Institute Program

Our Teacher/Mentor Institute training program manages our 2-day training program, which is one way we help prepare teachers and mentors for their role as coaches of BEST teams.

RM BEST TMI Org Chart- Mar 2014

Our Outreach Program

Our Outreach program is planned, managed and implemented by the Outreach team. We attend a few activities that blend well with our goals and objectives, including the Colorado Science Conference organized by the Colorado Association of Science Teachers and Aerobotics at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum.

Our New Hub Development Program

Our New Hub Development Program manages the effort of helping create new BEST hubs in Colorado.

Our Regional Development Program

Our Regional Development Program manages the effort of developing RM BEST as a Region of BEST Robotics, Inc. See the tab Regional for information about the 2017 BEST Robotics Denver Regional Championship