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Welcome to Rocky Mountain BEST – we run a free fall STEM education program for Middle and High Schools

Inspiring students to pursue careers in engineering, science, technology, and mathematics through robotics design…

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REGISTER NOW for FREE Teacher Mentor Institute (TMI)

  • Pre-Class Preparations ONLINE: Now – 12 July
  • Classroom: July 16-18, 2024 at St. Mary’s Church in Littleton.
  • We would like all teachers and mentors interested in this year’s game to ask a colleague to join them in this 3-day workshop.
  • All participants can earn up to 40 clock-hour CEUs of Professional Development Credit by completing the optional 20 hour online pre-class learning and attending the 3-day in person workshop.
  • This is your chance to be part of a team and be the student having fun meeting the coaches, learning all parts of the competition: Engineering Notebook, robot building, and competition!
  • Check out our Competition / 2024 Teacher Mentor Institute page to learn about the ONLINE pre-class and 3 day in-person classroom workshop. 

OUR THANKS to all who participated in the RMBEST & FRBEST Boosting BEST online auction (May 10-19) 

  • Ignite student passion in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
  • Invest in future engineers and scientists
  • Support a stronger community through annual robotics competition

Donations will fund robot kits, game materials, and competition expenses.

Coming in 2024 – LowG Game and Fall Events

*** 2024 Game Teaser ***

Welcome to BEST Spring 2024

BESTEDU is ready for your students  MATLAB /SIMULINK Training is NOW available for your students

BEST Minecraft Challenge  Open to any student. Each summer, students participate in the Minecraft Challenge where teams face a never-before-seen adventure in Polycraft World. The BEST Minecraft Challenge (by UTD) is designed to explore students’ problem-solving and

creativity skills through a uniquely designed scenario within the popular Minecraft gaming platform. The Minecraft Challenge Kickoff will be held on June 9th! Registration opens May 4thMinecraft – BEST Robotics

BEST IQ Challenge – Open to any student March 3- April 14. Details on the BEST National Website IQ Challenge – BEST Robotics


bESTology is our weekly education series of research/activity lessons that is designed to educate students on an array of topics related to the annual industry theme or problem. Each lesson involves research, reflection, writing, creative activity, community connection, and BEST connection. Each lesson is developed around Bloom’s taxonomy.

  • Weekly research/activity lessons on annual game theme topics and real-world industry connections.
  • 100% online activity.
  • Team or Individual participation; fun activities.
  • Focuses on research, reading comprehension, writing, & a creative activity.
  • Blooms Taxonomy & Workforce Skills noted on each lesson. What’s New? Some new features will be available in bESTology this year to improve student engagement through interactive functionality and gamification. Students that login with their BEST account (avatar/password) will see the following new features:
  • Online Journal – capture your research and other journaling tasks right in the system, on the same page as the weekly lesson.
  • Gamification – collect points and badges for participating in bESTology activities.
  • Create & Share – use BEST Photos site (#BESTOLOGY2024) to share the results of your bESTology creative tasks.

A link to the photo gallery is available in the page side bar. Participate starting February 19th at 


We are an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation created to host an annual robotics event for middle and high school students. There are no entry fees for our event. We provide an identical set of robot building materials to each participating school at no cost.

This unique event consists of:

  • the excitement of a basketball game
  • the strategy of a chess match
  • the intellectual challenge of a science fair
  • the pressure of a competitive sporting event
  • plus hundreds of screaming fans, pep bands, cheerleaders, music, dancing and mascots.
  • BEST was one of my first experiences with robotics competition and I had a ton of fun while doing it… Your competition opened many doors for me and widened my horizons on what I can do in Robotics.” Dylan, Thomas Jefferson HS, Denver, CO
  • “Thanks so much for letting us keep the robot for this long! I was able to convince our Board of Education that this should be a class and was able to secure funding for an additional teacher for our department. The robot helped with this!!!” Diane Freehling, teacher, Valley HS, Gilcrest, CO
  • “Seeing the change in students going from uninformed to informed after Kickoff event” – Ameet Patel – Aurora Quest K-8
  • “Awesome Program” – David Garcia, Jr. – mentor of Holy Trinity School and Bishop Machebeuf HS teams
  • “BEST Robotics can be life altering for kids. Hard work and self-discipline mixed with ingenuity and intellectual stimulus is an EDP for building great 21st century achievers.”.
    2015,2016,2017 Regionals – SoCo GRRT Coach, Jo Ahlm
  • You help run a wonderful competition that changed the lives of all my students–they learned so much and were talking about the competition we were in until the end of the year. Kalyn Wyckoff Teacher
  • DSST Byers has competed in BEST for the last 3 years and it has become a core element of our robotics program. Unlike most other competitions we believe that BEST challenges our students across multiple disciplines including design, manufacture, marketing and sales, all skills that will be needed in future professional lives. The competition itself drives the greatest amount of creativity in strategy and problem solving with multiple tasks that need to be met with limited resource materials and at nominal cost. The students embrace these challenges, overcome them and at the same time have fun combined with the excitement of competition. Andrew
  • Participation in BEST robotics competitions has been a genuinely inspiring experience for kids in SMA’s (St. Mary’s Academy) middle school and high school robotics programs. The opportunity to apply STEM concepts lends authenticity and meaningful application to what kids learn academically, and this happens again and again in preparation for and participation in BEST competitions. The implicit equity built into BEST through it’s no-cost approach genuinely opens doors to the world of science and engineering to anyone willing to take six weeks to take on a BEST challenge. Dave G
  • I worked my hardest for six weeks building a robot, I got my butt kicked competing with it and lost, and I am a happy man because now I feel actually qualified to build another one! – T. Garcia
  • What do you get when you take fifteen troubled adolescent males with little to none experience in robotics, and then set them off for six weeks with two tubs of materials to make a functioning robot for competition purposes? You get chaos. You get distrust, anger, and bickering- but what else? For us, we developed the beginning threads of trust, some inside jokes, and reconciliation. We also got an absolute juggernaut robot that blew everyone away- including its creators. – Cassidy R.
  • Since I’ve been on the Rambotics team, I have learned a lot of things you couldn’t learn in a classroom or sport setting. Some of these things include how to build a robot out of a select amount of materials, team building skills, how to use math and science in a fun way, and how to be in a business like situation and still have fun at the same time. We did team building exercises together, we used problem solving skills to help us, and the whole team worked as one and got a 1st place winning robot made. – Dustin S.
  • Thank you so much for all you do! I’m so amazed at how much this challenge has affected my students! – JC Clark, Bishop Machebeuf HS
  • We are giving vision to young men and women, they may not be able to find otherwise, that will take them places they would not be able to go without this experience. I am proud to serve with you, investing in the hope of our future. Jon Barber, Co Pit Boss
  • Thank you so much for your service and dedication to the BEST Robotics organization. You are an instrumental part of this organization that is making a difference in young men and women’s lives.
    I know that this program made a significant impact on several of our students who are now seeking a career in engineering because of the experience they had in the BEST Robotics competition. Thanks for the support and dedication to the kids in our community and for promoting BEST.
    Tom Spicer, Valor Christian HS


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