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Welcome to Rocky Mountain BEST

Rocky Mountain BEST runs an annual robotics competition

and Regional Championship for middle & high school students

∗∗∗ What’s NEW? ∗∗∗

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We are excited to offer the 2020 Outbreak Game (Outbreak information link) as an Online Competition. 

  • We introduced the Outbreak season on 19 September at our online Kickoff Event YouTube at this link.
  • Our volunteers captured the fun and excitement of our 21 November Game Day activities with recordings of our live streaming sessions.  YouTube Channel Link
    • Virtual Robot Time Trials of three sets of 2 simultaneous 90-minute virtual robot competitions.
    • Season Celebration of the 2020 students, teachers and volunteers with team award presentations.
    • Season Results for the talented 2020 teams are available at the bottom of the 2020 Competition page
  • Our 2020 Outbreak Game Day Program with the following content is available at this document link:

    • Inspiring STEM Students during a Pandemic & How YOU Can Help
    • 2020 Outbreak Game Description
    • Scoring Opportunities & Scores and 2020 Awards Description
    • 2020 Participating Schools, Students Teachers/Mentors, and Team Photos
    • 2020 Sponsors and how you can become a sponsor
    • Sustaining Volunteers and 2020 Season Volunteers
    • 2019 Rocky Mountain BEST Winners

The December 2020 Denver BEST Regional Championship physical event is canceled.

Our Mission

To engage, excite, and inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math through participation in a sports-like science and engineering-based robotics competition.

Our Goals

To become a premier robotics competition for the Rocky Mountain Region.

To build strong community-based support for our activities.

To form alliances with organizations who serve youth locally and deliver the BEST product possible to schools and their students.

To motivate students for studies and careers in engineering, science, and technology.

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We are an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation created to host an annual robotics competition for middle and high school students. There are no entry fees for our competition. We provide an identical set of robot building materials to each participating school at no cost.

This unique event consists of:

  • the excitement of a basketball game
  • the strategy of a chess match
  • the intellectual challenge of a science fair
  • the pressure of a competitive sporting event
  • plus hundreds of screaming fans, pep bands, cheerleaders, music, dancing and mascots.

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