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2017 Teacher Mentor Institute (TMI)


02A – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Introduction

03A – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – BEST Season

04A – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Safety

05A – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Competition Game Rules

06A – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Awards & Judging

07A – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Engineering Design Process

07B – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Engineering Design Introduction

08A – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Organizing a Team

09A – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Introduction to Firmware and Software

10A – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Using the VEX Cortex

10B – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Control System Team Training v2

11A – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Robot Kit Familiarization

13A – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Hands-On Session

18A – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Q&A, Wrap-Up

Trifolds/Logos (02A)

FRBEST Trifold for Volunteers

RM BEST Trifold for Volunteers



RM BEST Logo image002

BEST Robotics Logo NEW 2017

2017 Crossfire Game Logo


Consent&Release Information/Demographics (03A)

RMBEST Consent & Release Policy

BEST Consent & Release Form

FR BEST Consent & Release Form

PP BEST Consent & Release Form

Team Demographics Form

BEST Team List v4 Demographics Data Tool

Safety (04A)

Sample Safety Test

2016 Game Rules (05A)

BEST Generic Rules

BEST Returnable Kit List

BEST Consumable Kit List

BEST Machine Compliance Sheets

2016 Score Sheets (06A)

Engineering Notebook Score Sheet with Rubric

Marketing Presentation Score Sheet with Rubric

Team Exhibit and Interviews Score Sheet with Rubric

Spirit and Sportsmanship Score Sheet with Rubric

Founders Award Score Sheet

Most Robust Machine Scoring Guide

Simulink Design Award Score Sheet

2016 Kits (11A)

Return Kit Photo Guide

Consumables Parts Guide

RMBEST Returnable Kit Agreement

RMBEST Request for Load of Returnable Kit

BEST Software Options

Generic Kit Usage Guide

Team Custom Part Notes

Hands-On Session Support Information (13A)

How to Build a Mini-Robot

Keep in Mind

EasyC Source Code for Mini Robot

EasyC Source Code Annotated

How Do I Begin this Mini Engineering Notebook

Sample BEST Engineering Notebook Template

Advanced Training

A1 – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Advanced EasyC

A2 – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Advanced EN – Judge (A)

A2 – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Advanced EN – Mentor (B)

A3 – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Intro to RobotC

A4 – 2017 Denver BEST TMI – Intro to CAD