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2018 Regional Championship Teams


School NameTeam NumberLocation  HubBEST Award?
Mitchell Christian School  407Mitchell, SDJR BEST Yes
Jackson County Central High School  413Jackson, MNJR BEST Yes
Baltic School District  417Baltic, SDJR BEST Yes
Miller Jr/Sr High School  422Miller, SDJR BEST Yes
Arlington High School  425Arlington, SDJR BEST Yes
Freeman Public  426Freeman, SDJR BEST No
Grotberg Academy  902Fergus Fall, MNBI BEST Yes
Killdeer High School  904Killdeer, NDBI BEST Yes
Breckenridge Public School  905Breckenridge, MNBI BEST Yes
St. Joseph’s School  911Moorhead, MNBI BEST Yes
Northern Cass School  913Hunter, NDBI BEST Yes
DSST Byers  1308Denver, CORM BEST Yes
Monarch High School 1315Louisville, CORM BEST No
Skyline High School 1322Longmont, CORM BEST Yes
STRIVE Prep Excel  1325Denver, CORM BEST Yes
Thomas Jefferson High School 1326Denver, CORM BEST Yes
Academy ACL 1901Colorado Springs, COFR BEST  Yes
Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice 1903Englewood, COFR BEST  No
Legend High School 1910Parker, COFR BEST  Yes
Liberty High School 1911Colorado Springs, COFR BEST  Yes
Ralston Valley High School 1914Arvada, COFR BEST  Yes
STEM HS Highlands Ranch 1916Highlands Ranch, COFR BEST  Yes
Manzanola Jr/Sr High School 1955Manzanola, COSoCo BEST Yes
Branson School 1958Branson, COSoCo BEST  Yes
Hoehne Schools 1959Hoehne, COSoCo BEST  No
Rocky Ford High School 1965Rocky Ford, COSoCo BEST  Yes
Julesburg High School 2051Julesburg, COGP BEST  No
Peetz High School 2052Peetz, COGP BEST  No
Haxtun High School 2054Haxtun, COGP BEST  No
Yuma High School 2065Yuma, COGP BEST  No

BI BEST-Bison BEST, Fargo, ND; FR BEST-Front Range BEST, Highlands Ranch, CO

GP BEST-Golden Plains BEST, Julesburg, CO; JR BEST-Jackrabbit BEST, Brookings, SD

RM BEST-Rocky Mountain BEST, Denver, CO; SoCo BEST-SoCo BEST @ TrinidadState, Trinidad, CO