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ONLINE Event Volunteers

We staff positions listed here for Kickoff, Practice Day, Game Day

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Training for ONLINE Events including activities between Practice Day and Game Day

We recommend our volunteers read these training documents prior to the events.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Time Trial Head Referees and Judges

Six Head Referees and 3 Judges for 3 “Virtual Game Fields”.  Each team will do programming (both driver-controlled and autonomous) of a virtual robot and run it in time-trials on a 3D virtual game field

The same Outbreak game field is simulated in a virtual environment, with only a few changes. The Referee and Judge roles for these time trials requires work with each team individually to setup, manage, and then ultimately score each team’s individual time trials. We expect in an hour’s time, each team will be able to execute 5 3-minute driver-controlled matches and 3 3-minute Autonomous time trials matches.

Awards and Judging Lead

The Awards and Judging (A&J) Leads are in charge of all of the judging. The A&J Lead recruits the Award Judges and Lead Judges and briefs them. The A&J Lead collects the Engineering Notebook scores from the Lead Engineering Notebook Judge (LEN). The A&J Lead collects the scoring results from the Lead Judges and Awards Judges, including the BEST Award Judges, and provides all of the judging results to the MC prior to the Awards Presentation.

Award Judges

Ten to twenty judges are needed for the BEST Award (Engineering Notebook, Marketing Presentation and Team Exhibit), Founders Award for Creative Design Award, Critical Design Review, Website Design and Video Design awards. The Engineering Notebook judging takes place between 7-12 November. The Marketing Presentation judging takes place on 7 November. The Founders Award for Creative Design Award and Critical Design Review Presentation judging takes place during on 14 November; the Virtual Exhibits, Website Design, and Video Design judging takes place on 14-19 November; and the Team Interviews judging takes place on 21 November. All the judging uses provided score sheets and rubrics and other guidance. The scoring results are given to the A&J Lead prior to the Awards Ceremony.

Meeting Coordinator

The meeting coordinator position is required for all Online Google Meet sessions (Practice and Game Day Time Trials, Marketing Presentations Judging, Critical Design Review Judging and Virtual Team Exhibit Interviews): One-Three meeting coordinators are needed with each requiring email address. The Meeting Coordinator logs on to the meeting link before starting. One coordinator will each handle one of the Google Meet Groups or Fields.  This allows teams to “arrive” in the room before the judges

Our RM BEST Coordinator will: Start the meeting 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Accept team members into the session & ask if appropriate team members are on the meeting. Ensure the team has their presentation ready to display and that the team knows how to share their screen. Confirm presenters have cameras on and audio is working. Ask the team if they want the presentation recorded. Communicate via chat if necessary. Accept the judges or Referees into the session (if necessary). Confirm judges/referees have cameras on and audio is working. Confirm all judges/referees are in the meeting and start the recording of the meeting. Coordinator ends the meeting before leaving it or asks judge or referees to end the meeting if the Coordinator leaves before the end of the meeting.

Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies (MC) conducts the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the contest.

Announcer/Live Streaming

The Announcer sets up and manages the live streaming for the Robot Time Trials across 2-3 team time trails.  The announcer adds verbal and digital information for those watching the live streaming. The announcer announces the participating teams. At various times, the Announcer announces the leading teams and scores.

Lead Engineering Notebook Judge

The Lead Engineering Notebook Judge (LEN) is responsible for recruiting and briefing the Notebook Judges, scheduling the judging, collecting the scores and providing the results to the A&J Lead. The LEN provides team notebook evaluations and scores prior to 5 PM on the Friday before Game Day to the A&J Lead to be returned to the teams. If required, he/she may act as an Engineering Notebook Judge.

Engineering Notebook Judges

A team of Engineering Notebook (EN) Judges are needed between Practice and Game Day. Each team is required to prepare a EN and post it on-line on Practice Day to be eligible to compete on Game Day. Each judge will judge notebooks, based on the Engineering Notebook Scoresheet and Rubric. The EN Judges use Score Sheets and rubrics to evaluate points for each team’s notebook and to provide feedback to the teams. The Score Sheets are provided to the LEN Judge. The EN Judges will be briefed on the applicable rules and score sheets by the LEN prior to the competition.