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Regional Championship Teams

How do teams advance to a Regional Championship?

The number of teams from each hub that advance to a Regional Championship is based on the percentage of the total number of teams at that hub. Larger hubs (e.g., 28 teams) are allowed to advance more teams than smaller hubs (e.g., 12 teams). A total of 24 teams from 5 hubs will advance to Denver Regional Championship this year. Hubs are sending between 2 and 9 teams.

Top finishers (both in the Robotics Game and in the BEST Award) from the local hub competitions advance to the Regional Championship. Teams advance based on the following order of how they placed at their local hub competition:

  1. BEST Award – First Place
  2. Robotics Game – First Place
  3. BEST Award – Second Place
  4. Robotics Game – Second Place
  5. BEST Award – Third Place
  6. Robotics Game – Third Place
  7. BEST Award – Fourth Place
  8. BEST Award – Fifth Place
  9. etc…